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In 1953 ADR started up in Brussels but because Antwerp became more and more important as a market, especially its port, we moved to the Genuastreet in Antwerp. Because of a permanent growth and the import of new products very soon this building became too small, so we moved to another one in the same street, with a higher storage capacity. After a few years these premises became too small too, so we moved to Kontich, situated next to very important main roads.

Already for half a century we sell fastening materials and seals. During the nineties our product range expanded with a very diverse and still increasing series of couplings, hoses and pipes. Since the last 8 years, our range of products has grown again with ball bearing shims and other materials for the industry.

QUALITY of our products is our most important trademark – mind our most important suppliers: Norma, Hecker, Serto, John Guest, JWL and Rectus – next to SERVICE: giving our clients the most appropriate products and (application) advices and a strict and correct delivery of orders.

The ADR-team!